Design Thinking

a collection of articles and thoughs written and/or curated by Max Yakin Bozek

  1. Discover the world's best design...

  2. Google Design

  3. Laws of Design

  4. Muda (Japanese term) - Wikipedia

  5. Product Design Sprint

  6. Design Sprint Kit by Google

  7. Estudios Culturales

  8. 7 actitudes claves para la correcta...

  9. Una reflexión sobre Design Thinking

  10. Transdisciplinariedad vs...

  11. How Diversity Makes Us Smarter

  12. 5 Stages in the Design Thinking Process

  13. How to build your creative confidence

  14. Inside the 21st-Century Craze for Redesigning...

  15. The Unnecessary Fragmentation of Design Jobs –...

  16. 6 Ways to Kick Off Creative Meetings

  17. Design for Emergence: From Newton's Blueprint...

  18. ¿Qué es la simplicidad?

  19. Design Thinking and Empathy

  20. 10 Essential Characteristics of a 21st Century Educator

  21. Outline (list)

  22. Superintelligence

  23. Bowie, Barnbrook and the Blackstar artwork

  24. Why Higher Education Needs Design Thinking

  25. Definición de Heurística

  26. Heurística

  27. Design Thinking is the new core

  28. Using Multidisciplinary Thinking to Approach...

  29. Hacia una proyectualidad crítica: Prólogo

  30. Los Estudios Culturales

  31. Estudios culturales

  32. The Structure and Chaos of Organization Design

  33. The Vignelli Canon → Manifesto ProjectManifesto Project

  34. Seeking Wisdom, Mental Models, and Learning

  35. Creating a Latticework of Mental Models: An...

  36. The Future of Design (and how to prepare for it)

  37. The top 10 design-related movies

  38. Dieter Rams: If I Could Do It Again, "I Would...

  39. How to apply a design thinking, HCD, UX or any...

  40. A Brief History of Design Thinking

  41. Tim Brown about "Complexity - Impact on People...

  42. Stanford Webinar - Design Thinking vs. The Lean Startup

  43. Design Thinking Can Help Improve Care for the Elderly

  44. How Samsung Became a Design Powerhouse

  45. Design as Strategy

  46. Better Service, Faster: A Design Thinking Case Study

  47. Design Thinking Comes of Age

  48. How Indra Nooyi Turned Design Thinking Into Strategy

  49. Design Thinking in Harvard Business Review (HBR)

  50. Why We All Need Design Thinking

  51. 5 Ways to Create a Design Thinking Culture at...

  52. We Don’t Need More Designers Who Can Code

  53. Google’s greatest design triumph

  54. Disruption by design

  55. Design thinking, unboxed. Design thinking in motion

  56. 5 alternative approaches to design thinking

  57. Methods & Tools curated by Hyper Island

  58. Design Process / Design Thinking /...

  59. Design-Driven Companies

  60. IBM Design blog

  61. The Making of IBM Design Thinking

  62. Creating a Culture of Innovation - Google Apps for Work

  63. Atmosphere: Think Creatively and Innovate...

  64. 6 Tips to Create & Innovate

  65. Disruptive Innovation: The Encyclopedia of...

  66. How to Gather and Sort Ideas For Product Design

  67. ReadyTalk Adopts Design Thinking for Innovation

  68. Rapid Techniques for Mapping Experiences

  69. Algorithms as the New Material of Design

  70. Toward a Future of Positive Technology

  71. The Impact of Happiness on Online Experience

  72. Mapping Experiences: 5 Key Questions to Get Started

  73. Remote Design Thinking

  74. 6 Tips to Create & Innovate

  75. The Psychology of change -

  76. Kathleen Eisenhardt: Effective People Think Simply

  77. From Productivity to Workflow Design

  78. The importance of teaching ideas to design students

  79. Conductor: The Most Important Design Jobs Of The Future

  80. The cliches of minimalist design… why less is more

  81. Why I like the new Met logo (and why you...

  82. "Note and Vote" strategy

  83. John Maeda’s advice on design attitude

  84. The Power of Consistency as in Lawrence of Arabia

  85. Taste for Makers

  86. Design Philosophy

  87. Can Meditation Make Designers Faster, Better,...

  88. Design Thinking for a Better You

  89. Stop playing the victim and take control of your life

  90. Interview with Tim Brown - Intro to the Design...

  91. How To Conduct Your Own GV Design Sprint

  92. Building a design-driven culture

  93. Etnografía

  94. This is Service Design Thinking