Product Design Sprint (invented by Google Ventures) is a 5 days process for Ideation and Validation of a new product or new features through Design Thinking.

Integrating design sprints makes sure your product development is aligned with the right goals, and contributes to ensure your money is being invested wisely.

It helps everyone develops customer empathy and insights, while guaranteing you're building the right things, the right way.

During 5 days each one dedicated to a specific goal, a team formed by a Designer, Developer, and Product Manager join you for this productive journey. Start with your ideas, and end up with the roadmap, user flow, creative solutions, and many other important aspects of your new product (or its new version) defined.

DAY 01
Identify your target audience and its pain. Come to a common understanding of the goal and business opportunity for the sprint.

DAY 02
Through interactive sketching activities, as mind mapping and storyboards, the team explores the many possible solutions to address the problem at hand, regardless of how feasible or realistic they may be. The goal is to have as many creative options as possible.

DAY 03
Identify the best assumptions based on the business model, user’s motivations, and ability to implement solution within budget. Draw a storyboard for each prototype, comic book style. The goal is to define the Minimum Viable Product, what needs to be tested with users, what needs to be prototyped.

DAY 04
Build a prototype to test with existing and/or potential users. Keep it simple - make use of rapid prototyping tools to build only what needs to be tested. Also, create a user testing script to be sure that all your questions are answered during the process.

DAY 05
Test & Learn
Get the raw designing from of a small group of existing and/or potential users to identify what's working as intended and what isn't. Identify the best prototype and define what requires deeper thought and attention. Debrief team on findings and recommendations.