We’ve long been advocates of the lean startup methodology at ReadyTalk. We love the concept of the build-measure-learn cycle and validating assumptions with customers — life IS ‘too short to build something no one wants’.

But when we established our dedicated Innovation team in April 2016, we decided to take a step back and start to incorporate design thinking principles into our work.

Design thinking still focuses on customer insights, rapid testing and iteration, but it has a different starting point. It’s appealing to me because it doesn’t start with a particular idea or hypothesis in mind. Rather, it starts with gaining empathy and a deep understanding of your customer’s challenges, so you are in a unique position to solve them.

Comparing the two processes (from "Design Thinking vs. Lean Startup: A Comparison of Two User-Driven Innovation Strategies") by Roland M. Mueller and Katja Thoring

Source: DART Innovation — Medium