IDEO’s Paul Bennett delivers knockout talk on design thinking
1/28/2015 -
Following through on his resolution to "speak from the heart," IDEO Chief Creative Officer Paul Bennett delivered an impassioned speech on design thinking and its practical applications in both the business and real worlds to a captivated audience at Kellogg.

Titled "Love, Beauty, Religion, Death & Space – Design’s Next Frontiers," Bennett’s personal, sometimes emotional speech outlined his origins as a designer and go-to innovator and his philosophy behind creating "objects that mean something to people."

"In the world of incredibly high disposable everything, how do we actually start to create things that matter? Things that mean something to people?" asked Bennett, an executive for the global design firm since joining in 2001.
Or watch highlights from Bennett’s talk on design thinking here:
Bennett on creating things that change lives
Bennett on diabetes and why beauty matters in design
Bennett on religion and designing with optimism
Bennett on design opportunities in death
Bennett on the limitlessness of design