DeepDive methodology in practice.

Introduction 3:30
Development Processes and Organizations 5:20
Product Planning 6:00
Identifying Customer Needs 7:00
Product Specifications 8:40
Concept Generation 10:10 or 11:00
Concept Selection 11:50
Concept Testing 12:50
Product Architecture Industrial Design 16:00
Design for Manufacturing 12:00 or 15:40
Prototyping 16:20
Robust Design 16:50 or 17:35
Patents and Intellectual Property ??
Product Development Economics 18:20

Top Comments

Stephen Peterson | 1 week ago
This would be my dream job.

cal0890 | 2 weeks ago
Call out to Mrs. Squire's class

Peter Braun | 2 months ago
Shout out to Dr. Mason's Entrepreneurship class!

ysssuhi | 1 month ago
jesus when the fuck was this video made in 1954 ?

Martin Kleinbart | 5 months ago
Fail often to succeed sooner!

Ciara Gibbons | 1 year ago
Shopping carts are dangerous. I remember when I was about 3 or 4 I was seated in the actual seat of the cart & buckled up. My mom was putting something in the trunk when all of a sudden the wind picked up and I was rolling to the highway. Lucky for me, I was caught by a person coming out of their car and my life was saved. Thank you who ever you are. 

xmodalloy | 1 year ago
Shout out to all of my fellow IDE20 classmates from M S&T!

Edward Raldiris | 1 year ago
Still waiting on the delivery of the idea.

Esteban Arango | 1 year ago
This kind of methodologies are aligned with a "design thinking" approach that is not that common for a lot of sectors in which it could  generate enormous value. I strongly believe that design as a modern concept that implies aspects as usability and beauty can become in the key element on the product's development activities to match consumer needs in a profitable and sustainable way. 

Enzar17 | 1 year ago
Fascinating! Definitely love how IDEO's process works. Fail often to succeed sooner, apologize instead of asking permission, I'd love to work there.